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flu vaccine articles and information
... Plans to test bird flu vaccine on humans look promising ... start human testing in the development of a bird flu vaccine; says Nguyen Thu Van; a member of the ... - Vaccines to be tested as bird flu warnings spread
Amid dire warnings of an Asian pandemic; the government is preparing to test an experimental bird flu vaccine and is increasing disease surveillance in hopes of reducing the toll from any eventual American outbreak. ... Reading in England working on a bird flu vaccine for clinical study ...

China Claims New Bird Flu Vaccine Breakthrough
Health Talk connecting people with health issues; providing peer to peer support

Bush Presses Vaccine Makers on Bird Flu
... spokeswoman for GlaxoSmithKline; which hopes to begin testing its experimental bird flu vaccine in people next year. " ...

U.S. Readying Bird Flu Vaccine
... U.S. Readying Bird Flu Vaccine. The U.S. government has stored two million doses of avian flu vaccine for possible ...

Bird flu (avian influenza)
... And a French vaccine maker has produced a bird flu vaccine that promoted an immune system response but ... of doses of a prototype bird flu vaccine from a French vaccine ...

U.S. advancing bird-flu vaccine
U.S. advancing bird-flu vaccine. Stockpile in place amid new pandemic alert. Thursday; February 24; 2005. By Randolph E. Schmid; The Associated Press ... government is preparing to test an experimental bird flu vaccine and is increasing disease surveillance in ...

Vietnam finds bird flu vaccine
Vietnam; hard hit by an epidemic that has killed 47 people in Asia and wiped out many millions of poultry has successfully tested a birdflu vaccine on monkeys and tests in humans could be only months away. ... Vietnam finds bird flu vaccine. Disease/Infection News ...

Avian Bird Flu
Avian Bird Flu Information - Offers information on the Avian influenza virus; updates; treatment info; Bird Flu hotline; vaccines. ... Bird Flu Hotlines. Bird Flu Vaccine / Updates ...

New Scientist Special Report on Bird Flu
... Low-dose bird flu vaccine tested on humans ... for the next global pandemic; but the government decides against the bird flu vaccine bought by the US and others ... RSS: View as XML

bird flu articles and information
... recently that countries are stocking up on a bird flu vaccine. And yet the very newspapers in which ... 3.3 million doses of the bird flu vaccine; whereas Britain has 14 ...

New Scientist Breaking News - Stockpile bird flu vaccine now
08 November 2005. JOB OF THE WEEK. The World's No.1 Science & Technology News Service. Stockpile bird flu vaccine now. 10:10 17 February 2005

Bird Flu News
Recent coverage of the bird flu virus from Feedinfo News Service ... China to Finish Tests on Bird Flu Vaccine Mid-December ... Hungarian Government Mulls Bird-Flu Vaccine Production Possibilities. China Reports Two New Bird Flu Outbreaks in ...

Bird flu news
... Plans for bird flu vaccine in U.S. are 'a waste;' one expert says ... Bird flu vaccine to be tested on humans in two month trial ...

Human bird flu vaccine closer -
Human bird flu vaccine closer. Labs in Atlanta; Memphis pass major milestone. By M.A.J. McKENNA. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Published on: 02/07/04 ... it is but one step of many on the road to a bird flu vaccine. ...

LEX18 - US Readying Bird Flu Vaccine
US Readying Bird Flu Vaccine. Health Encyclopedia: Infections. Infection News