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BIRD FLU. Humans have known and feared diseases caused by viruses for thousands of years. Among the diseases that viruses cause are infectious hepatitis; polio; rabies; and AIDS. ... THE "BIRD FLU" A potentially deadly new strain of flu virus; A(H5N1); has ...

Bye Bye Birdie - MetaFilter
... region have died of what China denies is bird flu; deaths which may only have come to light ... fabulous early warning system for bird flu they're developing; and yesterday sending ...

Singapore Government Flu Website
... APHC) regularly carries out tests to detect bird flu-related antigen in poultry within two hours and ... Based on current available evidence; bird flu does not present a significant ...

WHO: Bird flu pandemic is imminent - Bird Flu -
World Health Organization officials urged governments to act swiftly to control the spread of bird flu; warning that the world is in grave danger of a deadly pandemic triggered by the virus.

New Scientist Special Report on Bird Flu
... HIV and AIDS. Bird Flu. Nanotechnology ... The H5N1 strain of influenza - often referred to as bird flu - was first known to have jumped from chickens to humans ... RSS: View as XML - Add to My Yahoo!

Vads Corner: Influenza A (H5N1) Bird Flu
collection of links to articles and news reports concerning avian influenza. Avian Influenza

Bird Flu - Learn more from MedlinePlus
Find the latest news stories; overviews; research and more on Bird Flu from MedlinePlus; the National Library of Medicine's consumer health site.

World Health Organization: Avian Influenza
overview of the infectious disease of birds caused by type A strains of the influenza virus and the significance of its transmission to humans. Avian Influenza

Bird flu (avian influenza)
... So far; bird flu is hard for humans to contract; but health officials warn a major flu outbreak ... options for a vaccine. Bird flu seems to be developing resistance to ...

Bird Flu Threat Rises
The world is one step closer to a devastating killer flu pandemic; World Health Organization experts suspect. ... Deadly bird flu infections are being seen in larger clusters of people -- with a much wider age range ... the only effective treatment for human infection with type H5N1 bird flu ...

CDC: Basic Information About Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)
explains how the disease affects birds and humans.

Poultry News: BIRD FLU: Chinese officials warn bird flu threat to humans growing; Japan halts Canadian poultry ...
Poultry Industry News: Catch up on all the latest news on the Avian influenza outbreaks. This news page provides an overview and links to all the latest news and information surrounding the outbreaks of Bird Flu across the globe. ... Chinese officials warn bird flu threat to humans growing. CHINA - Chinese officials warned Monday that the bird flu threat to humans was growing as the winter flu months approach ...

Singapore government Bird Flu informational web site. Singapore - Animal Science - Livestock Diseases and Conditions

news @ - -
... Bird flu outbreaks in Asia have prompted the cull of tens of thousands of ducks and chickens to ... Indonesia struggles to control bird flu outbreak. As officials in Washington discuss ...

CBS News - CDC: Bird Flu Could Spark Epidemic - February 24; 2005 09:00:10
CDC: Bird Flu Could Spark Epidemic ... Japan Logs 1st Bird Flu Case. 4 Other Possible Cases; Virus Has Killed 32 People In SE ... a worldwide epidemic from a bird flu virus that may mutate to ...

The bird flu is spreading through Vietnam at an alarming rate
... Agriculture and Rural Development reported on Saturday that bird flu has spread to 232 communes in 23 cities ... region to be affected by bird flu; with the latest outbreaks detected ...