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Raptors of the World: A Field Guide - By James Ferguson-Lees and David Christie
First ever raptor world field guide, which uses all of the plates from the author's 2001 'Raptors of the World' handbook, see below. There is a concise, revised text to all 340 species on facing pages. Several of the plates have been reworked and repainted for this guide, and there is an updated colour distribution map for each species. - A must buy for raptor enthusiasts. 320 pages, 118 colour plates. Christopher Helm 2005. £19.99 /$36/30 ISBN: 0713669578 . Find Raptors of the World at NHBS Bookstore

Raptors of the World - By James Ferguson-Lees, David Christie, Philip Burton, Kim Franklin and David Mead
One of the most eagerly awaited identification guides, covering all the world's raptor 313 species. Each species is illustrated by adult, juvenile and selected immature plumages, as well as main geographical races and colour morphs: in all, over 2000 perched and flying birds, some with typical prey, on 112 colour plates. Facing texts highlight the plumage shown and summarise length, wingspan, male-to-female proportion, shape, and flight; also habitat, which in turn relates to the colour distribution maps. Plates 1-3 illustrate representatives, in flight, of all 78 genera, grouped by size and zoogeographical regions. The individual accounts which follow the colour plates are hugely detailed and the result of years of research and observation. They cover distribution and movements; habitat; characters (perched and in flight, and including confusions); voice; food; socio-sexual; breeding, population; variation; measurements; references. The text is enhanced with line drawings illustrating specific points about identification and behaviour. A landmark volume that sets a new standard for raptor identification.
992 pages, 112 colour plates, b/w illus, 300 colour distribution maps. Christopher Helm 2001:
Hardcover: £55.00 (approx. $97/81) . ISBN: 0713680261. Find Raptors of the World <t NHBS Bookstore.

Collins Guide to the Birds of Prey of Britain and Europe with North Africa and the Middle East - By Benny Gensbol
A book which is part identification guide, part distribution atlas and part scientific account. Will prove indispensable for all those who wish to have a complete guide to European birds of prey. 380 pages, 180 colour and b/w photos, 42 distribution maps, 300 silhouettes. [1986]. Find Collins Guide to the Birds of Prey of Britain and Europe with North Africa and the Middle East at NHBS Bookstore.

A Field Guide to the Raptors of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa
William S Clark and N John Schmitt.
In this comprehensive new identification guide, Bill Clark presents the latest information on tried and tested field marks for identifying the diurnal raptors of the Western Palearctic region. Forty-eight stunning colour plates, especially painted for this volume by artist N.John Schmitt, depict all the plumages for every raptor, both regularly occurring and vagrant. The plates are augmented by a forty-page colour photograph section. The accompanying text provides the reader with essential clues to identification: detailed plumage descriptions for each age, sex, and colour morph; sections describing flight, moult, behaviour, and distribution for every species; sections on similar species - notoriously difficult to identify - and how to distinguish them. Each account concludes with the range of measurements for length, wing span, and weight. Those birders who prefer illustrations to photographs will probably find this guide more to their liking than Forsman's new Raptors of Europe and the Middle East. 371 pages, 48 col plates, 40pp col photos, distribution maps. Oxford University Press 1999. Softcover: £29.50 (approx. $52/44) ISBN: 0198546610. Find A Field Guide to the Raptors of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa at the NHBS Bookstore.

Raptor Watch: A Global Directory of Raptor Migration Sites - Edited by Jorje I Zalles and Keith L Bildstein
At least 63 percent of the world's raptors migrate. Raptor Watch, compiled from contributions by over 800 observers worldwide, is a guide to 388 hotspots where these birds can be seen in their thousands. A repository of information for the specialist, this book is also a strategy document enabling conservationists working at the local and national level to cooperate globally to protect raptor migration networks. Series: BIRDLIFE CONSERVATION SERIES 9. 419 pages, 22 b/w photos, figs, tabs, maps. BirdLife International 2000. Distributed by NHBS. Hardcover: £15.00 ( approx. $27/23) . ISBN: 0946888388.
"The most geographically complete reference list yet on hawk migration. A great starting place for anyone interested in witnessing or studying hawk migration anywhere in the World" - Birding (October 2001).
"A milestone in raptor migration science" - Ibis 143 (2001). Find Raptor Watch: A Global Directory of Raptor Migration Sites at the NHBS Bookstore.

The Raptors of Europe and the Middle East - A Handbook of Field Identification - By Dick Forsman
This major handbook presents the very latest information on the field identification of the 42 species of raptor found in the region. Written by one of Europe's leading experts on raptor identification, the book includes more than 700 high quality colour photographs that have been specifically chosen to demonstrate the plumage of each age and sex class of every species found in Europe and the Middle East. The photographs are complemented by almost 100 line drawings focusing on particular identification details, and are backed up by a detailed text enabling the recognition of even the most difficult species. The latest information, much of it previously unpublished, describes the plumage and soft part colouration of each category of bird, and compares and contrasts with similar plumages of species which may cause confusion. The book also discusses the difficulties caused by stage of moult, variation in light conditions, and changes in silhouette arising from different flight types. Fully referenced with a list of nearly 300 key papers and articles, this book is the essential reference to the field identification of every species, age, and sex class of raptors.
`I can imagine few Western Palearctic birders with a serious general interest in field identification not wanting to own this guide. For raptor workers, be they monitoring migrations or censusing breeding populations, it must be considered essential. Forsman's guide can be recommended in no uncertain terms.'Guy Kirwan, Birding World
Series: POYSER NATURAL HISTORY Christopher Helm 1998. 608 pages, 700 col photos, 100 line illus, maps. Hardcover: £35.00 ( approx. $62/52 ). ISBN: 0713665157. Find The Raptors of Europe and the Middle East - A Handbook of Field Identification at the NHBS Bookstore.

Raptor In-Hand Identification Guide - By William S Clark and Reuven Yosef
Written by one of the leading raptor experts, this superb in-hand guide was written to aid ringers (banders) to properly identify, age, and sex diurnal raptors that are captured for marking. Each species account begins with a short description of the species giving the type and several diagnostic characters. This is followed by a section of similar species, each with characteristics to separate it from the species of this account. Also included is the conservation status for each of the species, based on Tucker & Heath (1994) and del Hoyo et al (1994). 144 pages, col photos throughout. International Birdwatching Centre Eilat 1998. Distributed by NHBS.
Softcover: £12.50 ( approx. $23/19 ). Find Raptor In-Hand Identification Guide at the NHBS Bookstore.

Vultures and Condors - By David Houston
Vultures and Condors are among the most abundant and spectacular birds of prey in the world. Masters of gliding flight, they survive by being supremely efficient scavengers, rather than by hunting and killing prey themselves. David Houston has studied vultures and condors in the field for over thirty years. In this vividly illustrated wildlife portrait, he explains how they have had to acquire remarkable adaptations for their specialised way of life, and why in many places, these large birds are highly endangered by man's activities.
Series: WORLDLIFE LIBRARY , 72 pages, col photos.
Colin Baxter Photography 2001,
Softcover: £9.00 (approx. $16/14). ISBN: 1841070726. Find Vultures and Condors at the NHBS Bookstore.

Flight Identification of European Raptors - By RF Porter, Ian Willis, Steen Christensen and Bent Pors Nielsen
Illustrated by Ian Willis
Indisputably one of the most valuable books on identification currently available. The text has been revised throughout for this edition, there are 50 new drawings and the plates section contains 248 photographs. 288 pages, b/w photos, illus.
T & AD Poyser Ltd (A & C Black) Edition 3. 1981.
Hardcover:£29.99 ( approx. $53/45). ISBN: 0856610275. Find Flight Identification of European Raptors at the NHBS Bookstore.

A Field Guide to Raptors of the Eastern North America - By Brian K Wheeler
Raptors of Eastern North America, together with its companion volume, Raptors of Western North America are extremely thorough guides to North American hawks, eagles, and other raptors and are essential books for anyone seeking to identify these notoriously tricky-to-identify birds. The text covers all aspects of raptor biology and provides up-to-date information on status and distribution, taking into account the recent alteration of some species' ranges due to pesticide bans and introduction programs. The range maps - which include "city" plotting - are the most accurate and largest ever produced for North American raptors. 439 pages, 559 col photos, maps. Princeton University Press 2003. Hardcover: £29.95 (approx. $53/44 ) . ISBN: 0691115982. Find A Field Guide to Raptors of the Eastern North America at the NHBS Bookstore.

Birds of Prey of the Indian Subcontinent - By Rishad Naoroji
Complete guide to the raptors of the Indian subcontinent, including India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the Maldives. The huge diversity of habitat types and altitudinal variation gives rise to a correspondingly large avifauna. The diurnal birds of prey are well represented - 70 species of hawk, buzzard, kite, harrier, eagle, vulture, falcon and falconet are found in the region. 480 pages, 24 colour plates and over 600 photos.
Christopher Helm- not yet published due April 2006. Hardcover:£40.00 ($71/59). ISBN: 0713663243. Find Birds of Prey of the Indian Subcontinent at the NHBS Bookstore.

Bird of Prey Glossary
A Bird Of Prey Glossary. ACCIPITER [ak-SIP-ih-ter]: A group of forest hawks with short; rounded wings; long tails; and long legs. ... BIRD OF PREY: A general term applied to eagles; hawks; falcons; owls; and to the osprey ...

AskOxford: bird of prey
bird of prey. noun (pl. birds of prey) a bird that feeds on animal flesh; typically having a hooked bill and sharp talons (e.g. an eagle; hawk; or owl). ... Join the OED-BBC Wordhunt. bird of prey ...