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Exotic Bird Rescue
List of links on general bird information along with some rescue links and information.

Pinellas Exotic Bird Club
Bird club to promote public education in the care of parrots ... * Attend local education and field programs sponsored monthly by the Pinellas Exotic Bird Club ...

Catskill Exotic Bird Club
"Domestically bred only - Let the wild fly free!" Catskill Exotic Bird Club. welcomes. Terry Jones. of the. Arcadia Bird Sanctuary. * November 10; 2005 * ... The members of the Catskill Exotic Bird Club would like to provide this place to ...

Exotic Bird Cartoons
Exotic Bird cartoons from the CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons. ... Exotic Bird Cartoons. You are looking at the "exotic bird" cartoon page from the CartoonStock directory ...

Exotic Birds
Our Symbol of Freedom Does Not Live A Free Life. Millions of "pet" birds are bred annually for the billion dollar pet industry.

Wild Exotic Bird Conservation Act
... Conservation Chapter 69. Wild Exotic Bird Conservation. Wild Exotic Bird Conservation Act. Statute Details ...

Echo's Haven Bird Sanctuary;Bird Links and Bird; Parrot and Pet Education Resources
WIN A BIRD CAGE; FREE BIRD CAGE; A complete community of bird; parrot; macaw; cockatoo; african grey; amazon parrot; eclectus; budgie; canary and other bird and parrot lovers

Exotic Bird Rescue Online!
Purchases made through. this link benefit the. Coventry Companion. Bird Survival Center. Finding & Choosing a Sanctuary. If you are deciding to give your bird to a sanctuary or rescue facility; there are several things to consider.

... Buy EXOTIC BIRD VI Art Print at lowest price. Purchase These EXOTIC BIRD VI art prints posters and save 10%. ...

Wild Exotic Bird Conservation Act Regulations (CFR)
... 4901-4916. Exotic bird means any live or dead member of the Class Aves that is not indigenous ... 4901-4916. Exotic bird means any live or dead member of the ...

Exotic Bird Diets
Zeigler is a manufacturer of premium feeds for the aquaculture; pet; and laboratory animal industries. Zeigler specializes in diets that provide proper nutrition for fish; shrimp; birds; reptiles; zoo animals; and animals used in ...

This page was last updated on: September 20; 2005. The Exotic Bird Club of Florida does not condone hybridization of any Avian Specie. Please come in and join us for a while. The Exotic Bird Club of Florida. inc. Bird Fair & Auction.

Bird HotLine Total Bird Links
... Exota. Exotic Bird Breeders' Assoc America ... Exotic Bird Information Resource. Exotic Love Aviary ...

gillian's help desk
Gillian's Help Desk. Gillian Willis is a pharmacist and toxicologist. She is considered an "expert" in matters of poisoning and toxic substances by those of us who participate in bird related mailing lists on the Internet.

Links to bird and exotic pets sites
Well worth a look if you breed or keep exotic birds; pets or livestock ... toolady.com Parrot; Macaw; Cockatoo and Exotic Bird Resources. Come ask our experts your bird questions. ...

... Welcome to PANGOPAY Exotic Bird Farm located 40 minutes ... Bring a beatiful exotic bird with the color of the rainbow and a dynamic personality into your home ...