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Georgia Secretary of State - State Bird
... 1935; the Brown Thrasher was first chosen as the Georgia state bird by official proclamation of the Governor ... by the Legislature as the official state bird. The Brown Thrasher is ...

Office of the Secretary of State; Missouri -
... State American Folk Dance. State Bird. State Floral Emblem ... On March 30; 1927; the native bluebird became the official state bird of Missouri ... The Nene Goose - Branta Sandwicensis - Hawaii's State Bird
This is an article about the Nene Hawaii's State Bird also known as the Hawaiian Goose. ... The Nene is Hawaii's State Bird. THE NENE; OR HAWAIIAN GOOSE ... By 1957; when the Nene was named as Hawaii's State Bird; rescue efforts were underway ...

New Hampshire Almanac
... State Bird. The purple finch is hereby designated as the official state bird of New Hampshire ...

Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration (DPA) Division of Information Technologies (DoIT)
Division of. Information Technologies. Colorado State Archives. Symbols & Emblems. Colorado has an official state flag; a state seal and many official emblems and symbols. ... Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. State Bird. Lark Bunting ... The Lark Bunting; Calamospiza melanocoryus Stejneger; was adopted as the official state bird on April 29; 1931 ... The State Bird
The State Bird Abstract: The State Bird The American Robin The American Robin was adopted as the official State Bird by the General Assembly in 1943. The name Robin is applied to a number of familiar birds; but in North America it is the ... Towns & Cities State Agencies Citizen Guide Phone Directory CT Licensing. The State Bird. The American Robin ...

State Bird of Massachusetts
Massachusetts. State Bird of Massachusetts. By eNature. Jun 23; 2004; 2:43pm. Keywords: ClassBrain; state report; homework help; Massachusetts; Massachusetts state bird; Chickadee

Brown Thrasher
... 1970 joint resolution declaring brown thrasher official state bird of Georgia ...

New York State Breeding Bird Atlas
New York State Breeding Bird Atlas Official State Birds
profiles listed by state and by family. Birds

Pennsylvania State Bird
... Pennsylvania has not adopted an official state bird at this time ... design is a beautiful and informative puzzle featuring every state bird perched on the appropriate state flower. ...

A Larry Bird Page
... "Indiana Has a New State Bird" Wherever Hoosiers gather; they no longer talk of weather. Indiana has a new state bird! His claim to fame is just ...

Illinois State Museum
has collections in the natural sciences; anthropology; and art. USA - Illinois - Department of Natural Resources - Illinois State Museum

List of State Birds
with Audubon illustrations. Birds

Alabama State Bird
Alabama State Bird. Yellowhammer. Family: Picidae. Scientific name: Colaptes auratus (Linnaeus) Correct common name of the American Ornithologists Union: Northern Flicker. ... History: The common flicker is the State Bird of Alabama. Alabama has been known as the "Yellowhammer State" since the ...

New Jersey State Bird
The New Jersey State Bird. The Eastern Goldfinch is the New Jersey state bird; having been so declared by Senate; No . 241. FRUIT. INSECT. SHIP