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About birds, bird localities and bird watching around the Globe. Find birds from different continents and countries worldwide.

More birding stuff to come. Search Find Birds website:

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Find birds and bird watching in your own country or in other countries

Birds can be found everywhere and that is one of the good things when you go to find birds. On the other had not all birds can be found everywhere and that is the good thing, too. Confused? - Not, if you are a birdwatcher because the reward of bird watching is among other things that you are very seldom going in vane to find birds. On the other hand you enjoy the challenge to find birds that are not easy to spot or birds that are simply not common in an area.

Most bird species that are common in some part of their distribution area are seldom in other parts, typical near the borders of their distribution.

Opposite, it isn't the rule that all seldom birds are common in some areas of their distribution. There are quite a number of bird species that are seldom or very seldom all over their distribution range. Some species of birds of prey / raptors for example. And they might have been seldom more or less all through the existence of their species.

Other obvious cases of seldom birds are bird species living on isolated oceanic islands where they have developed into socalled endemic species of birds.

At this website of Find birds you should find many resources to help you find birds in your country or abroad and to enhance your enjoiment of bird watching. See also bird tours. You will also find important resources about threaths from birds like bird flu that first and foremost is a potential problem for people working with domestic birds, like chickens.

You will also find resources about binoculars for birding and telescopes for birding.

Enjoy the Find Bird website.

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